If you’re like me, you always struggle when it comes to someone’s birthday. What to buy that they’d actually appreciate. Most of the time I opt for not giving them any present at all, sometimes just showing up is more than enough. But other times a good an interesting present can makes someone’s day. But the question what the present could/should be remains a difficult one. Here are just a few ideas which doesn’t rob you of an arm and a leg and won’t (necessarily make you broke).

Obviously, it depends a lot whose birthday it is, so you always need to keep that in mind. Don’t buy a lottery ticket to play mega millions online to a person who is against any form of gambling and don’t buy a skydiving lesson to someone with extreme fear of heights.

Diving lesson

Obviously, this one doesn’t work for people who don’t like water, but for other people one first lesson to learn diving might be a great adventurous gift. Depending on a country, it might not be so expensive, costing you maybe 50 bucks.

Creative bucket

Remember those old-school tin buckets you can carry water in? Buy the bucket and fill it with anything, it can have be used as a flower pot, you could fill it with alcohol, top it up with coffee beans or anything else. It might not be the most useful gift, but it’s definitely going to be memorable.

Board games

Board games are coming back. There are literally thousands to choose from, and a great board game is always a good thing to buy to your friends. Depending on the friend, it can be anything from Settlers of Catan to Donald Trump playing cards.

A blow up doll

No, I’m not talking about a sex doll, but just some weird blow up doll. And no, it doesn’t need to be a human doll. If your friend is weird enough, a huge blow up cow might do the trick.

A roll of toilet paper

It’s weird, it’s useful, and if you find an interesting one with poems written on each leaf, or tweets of 45, or whatever else, it’s wacky, and it works.

Buying a birthday gift is difficult, but depending on the person, something weird, or adventurous like a walkie talkie, is often the best way to go.