There’s a stereotype floating around that all Millennials are born with the ability to master all technology. And while it is true that they are more comfortable with it, in general, than the previous generations due to earlier exposure and familiarity, that’s not a rule. Also, consider that there are so many different types of technology out there right now, and being an expert, never mind proficient, at all of them is nearly impossible.

Going back to the older generations, whether they have liked it or not, many of them have had to learn to deal with computers, phones, and more for work and general functioning in society. But there is always room for improvement, no matter when you were born and what you do.

Getting computer help now is easier than ever before, you just need to know where to look and who to ask.

Free Programs

Many libraries, universities, and community centres put on programming that assists patrons in becoming more comfortable with electronic devices, be that a phone, tablet, computer, or something as novel as a 3D printer. Take advantage of what they have available, sometimes having a chance to try a new piece of equipment before you invest in one or having the opportunity to bring in your specific piece of advice and get some personalized help with it.

Retailer or Producer Assistance

When you buy a computer from the store, inquire about the support that you can get with your device. Sometimes for an added fee, or even for free, the shop can set your computer up for you or help with troubleshooting for a limited period of time. If not the retailer, sometimes the device’s brand might have official workshops or training available online or in person at a centre near you. Think about Apple devices and the Apple store; you’re always welcome to come in an ask questions about how to get your computer, phone, or other devices to do something.

Third Party Training

With specialized software that can be personalized for corporate or personal needs, learning the ins and outs can take hours and hours of times. Thankfully, third party experts exist who can help you set up your software or devices to serve you best. Solidworks is a good software for modelling but can take years of self-learning to master. Now you can hire a third-party specialist to set you up and train you, cutting down the learning curve significantly.

While asking family and friends for help can get you so far, there’s a limit to what they can assist you with, especially when you start working with more specialized software and devices. Know your options and how far they can take you when looking to become a master (or at least proficient) with technology.