You hear people talk all the time about their bucket lists. What are they? Things you must do before you kick the bucket!

You can have a list like that in life. But also take the time to make one for university too. It can be part of your friendships (new friends and new loves), your academics (new subjects and a new essay writing service), and new experiences (road trip or an all-nighter).

Try some of the following for your must-do university list.

1. Stay up All Night

You have got to stay up all night! There might be many times you’ll stay up all night studying for an exam and that’s okay, but it is not the most fun way to stay up all night.

Consider a movie marathon built around the time of year. May 4? That’s May the Fourth Be with You Day – gotta watch at least a trilogy of Star Wars movies back to back to back.

Or just hang out, sing songs, tell jokes, and be silly. Those jokes always get sillier (and funnier) the later you stay up!

2. Road Trip

Everyone has to take a road trip. First, find the buddies that you want to take your road trip with. They need to be friends and trustworthy too if you are going to spend that much time together in the car.

Then pick your location. Pick somewhere everyone wants to go. It could be the beach for spring break or the mountains for some snow skiing, it doesn’t matter!

Then pick your vehicle and driver situation. It’s best to have a reliable car that everyone can take turns driving. You don’t want to be stalled out on the side of the road and you don’t want one person stuck behind the wheel the entire time either.

You might even combine 1 and 2 and do an all-night road trip to a destination site.

3. Outsource Your Work

If you can’t get your work done, take the measures you need to do to get things done. That might involve starting a new study group where you divide up every assignment into smaller pieces, using an essay writing service like Homework Help Global, or even studying old tests from a professor. Sometimes you just do what needs to be done.

4. New Identity

At least once, completely change your identity and see if your friends notice. The start of university is a great time to do this if you don’t know anyone. Then you know no one will know, and you can be who you dare to be!

This might involve dating someone completely new who is not your usual type, hanging out with people you don’t usually hang out with, or trying a new subject, skill, or sport than you have ever tried before.

University is a great time to try new things! Make a list of what you want to do and try to stick to it. This might be especially great for breaks, summers, and weekends.

So, take the time to create your bucket list and live the university life unforgettably!