We’ve all heard of recycling, but what about upcycling? Recycling

usually means reusing something again, like plastic bags. Instead of throwing

them away, we use them again for the same purpose. Upcycling is a bit different

because, instead of the same reuse, you use whatever the material that is being

discarded and turn it into something better. It’s like upgrading waste.

Upcycling over Recycling

Waste and the pollution it causes has become a significant problem all

over the world, but people, both collectively in institutions and governments

and as individuals are tackling the problem. Before, most rubbish was sent the tip

directly or deposited in a landfill site, but not anymore. Local councils have

been mostly responsible for rubbish removal, but also private companies have

got into the business. Although local authorities do their best to collect

unwanted waste items, such as paper, plastic, glass, and cans, providing marked

bins, their main focus is on recycling. New rubbish removal companies like

Clearabee, take a different view. They are definitely into upcycling in a big

way. Well over 90% of the rubbish they remove doesn’t even get to the tip, it

is used in upcycling.

Environment Awareness

With more environmental awareness, more recycling has taken place. In

poor countries, recycling is a necessity, but not in the developed world. We

tend just to throw out a product or material that we have used and buy more

when we need it. Have you ever thought about how much of the millions of tonnes

of waste that are produced per year, is yours? Ever thought about turning your

hand to recycling or upcycling?

Handicrafts and Reinvention

One simple example of this is hanging flower or plant pots. Most of us

buy large plastic bottles of liquids, which are destined for one-time use.

Unless you want to fill them again with other fluids, they are thrown in the

rubbish, but with a little time and effort, you can make plant or herb

containers out of them. The way to do it can easily be found in handicraft

shows on T.V., in books from the library or classes. Many local community

centres and even libraries run these classes. YouTube is also an excellent

source for these types of handicrafts, where you can learn creative ways to

turn something unwanted into something, not only useful but beautiful too.

An Easier Solution

Not into handicrafts or good with your hands, but are still

environmentally conscious? In that case, you want to get rid of your garden,

construction or household waste as soon as possible. The refuse collectors come

around on a weekly schedule, but you don’t always want an unsightly pile of

rubbish in your garden or driveway until they arrive. The best solution is to

call a company that specialises in rubbish removal. They not only take it away

but will see its reuse in an environmentally safe manner. These companies take

the work seriously, so there’s no fly-tipping.

A Success Story

Clearabee is one such company. It was founded in 2012 and has multiplied

in business share and reputation ever since. Their slogan ‘A man and a van’ has

proved to be a winner in the area of rubbish removal. In fact, the company

start only with one man and one van. A story of a grassroots business that grew

because of excellent and honest service.

Take Away

The environmental health of the planet has entered the consciousness of

the public, but it is time for individuals to do their own little bit to help. Upcycling can be fun, as well as making you feel you are doing your “bit”.