According to Maria Cobb Newport Beach is one of the best places in this country to visit. However, for many, Newport Beach is too upmarket, particularly for young families. She understands this, which is why Kevin and Maria Cobb run such a successful vacation rentals business. Through their Five Star Vacation Rentals, they offer a variety of properties in locations that are more family friendly as well. They review each of the properties they offer themselves and have a set system for rating them, which ensures they are always fit for purpose, incredibly comfortable, and a great deal of fun. Some of those properties are found in La Quinta, a personal favorite location of both Kevin and Maria Cobb.

Five Star Vacation Rentals’ La Quinta Recommendation

La Quinta is a town with a very rich and interesting history and this still shines through to visitors. While most people now know if for the Desert Club, the La Quinta Hotel, the PGA West, and the many celebrities, there is actually far more about it. In fact, it is an incredibly special place that anyone should consider adding to their bucket list of visits.

All around La Quinta, you will be able to see the Santa Rosa Mountains. The town itself is at the start of the Coachella Valley, which was covered by the Pacific Ocean hundreds of thousands of years ago. The basin was filled with silt, in part because the Colorado River, which flowed into the ocean at the Gulf of California. Eventually, the Coachella Valley floated again, and Lake Cahuilla was formed. Today, the waterline of this lake is still visible.

La Quinta was also home originally to the Desert Cahuilla Indians. They were the first human inhabitants of the area and were one of the few tribes of Native Americans who dug wells. Today, their tribe still exists and they are a very proud people who will gladly tell people stories of the ancestors and the area.

In 1876, trains started to run between Los Angeles and Indio, where there was lots of waters. This meant that crops such as dates, citrus fruits, melons, and vegetables were finally able to make it to the major cities. It was determined that the soil and climate in La Quinta was perfect for certain crops in particular. Kevin and Maria Cobb recommend that everyone tries the Thompson seedless grapes, the Bermuda onions, the sweet corn, and the exotic dates when they are there.

They also recommend that those who choose a vacation rental through them do not miss out on a chance to visit the La Quinta Resort, which opened in 1926. This is one of the things that the town is known for and it is also the perfect place for celebrity spotting. Plus, those who enjoy a round of golf will love the resort, which is ranked as one of the most beautiful in the country. Whatever someone’s interests are, they will find something to do in La Quinta.