Were you aware of just how important a mattress is to your health? If not then you certainly should, and look to upgrade your mattress to one which will significantly improve your health. Given the amount of time that we spend on our mattresses each year, it makes a lot of sense to invest in one which will provide you with the upmost support and comfort. Consider that you spend at least 7 hours per night on your mattress, over the course of a year that equates to 106 days, a long time to spend on a bad mattress, which could be damaging your health. If you want to upgrade your mattress and your health, here is how to find the best. 

Identifying Needs

There is no single mattress which will instantly help with all health issues so the first thing that you need to be thinking about is what your needs are. If you have any health issues such as muscular pain, a bad back or neck issues, you can get specific mattresses which target these problems. Alternatively if you have any issues such as insomnia, you would be looking for a different type of mattress. If you don’t have any current problems with your health or your ability to sleep, you should simply be looking for a mattress which offers maximum support, so that you can prevent health complaints in the future. 

 Understanding Which Mattress is For You 

Once you have identified your needs, it is time to start getting out and looking for a mattress which fits in with them. There is much to consider here such as your health issues (if there are any,) as well as your body size and shape, and your sleeping position. A firm mattress is not the answer to everything as some may have you believe. A firm mattress is a great option for smaller bodies, and for those who have back or neck issues. For a larger body shape and those with blood pressure complaints or muscular problems, a memory foam mattress could prove to be the ultimate solution, a softer mattress but one which moulds around the body to offer maximum support. 

Test Driving 

When you are in the shop looking at mattresses, you must ensure that you give it a proper test drive, and that you don’t simply hop on for a minute and then off again. To get an idea of how supportive or comfortable your mattress is, you need to spend at least 10 or 15 minutes lying on it, to see how it feels. Don’t feel awkward doing this, it is an important part of mattress buying and you need to get the decision just right. 

Ignoring The Gimmicks 

Something which you must watch out for are the gimmicks that come with many mattresses. The most common is for mattress producers to tell you that the product has been orthopedically approved or medically tested, there are a great many health benefits to mattresses, but there is no body or organization which is set up to approve mattresses for their health benefits. If you come across any false advertising like this then you could be better off hooking a hammock up in the garden with a carabiner and sleeping outsode