The United States has seen a change in policies regarding cannabis consumption. Individuals can legally enjoy cannabis consumption in different states around the US for recreational use. These changes have opened the door for farmers who grow cannabis and users to socialize in different environments.

One way that is now a possibility for cannabis users to enjoy the time they consume cannabis is to attend events and find businesses where they may enjoy the time they consume cannabis with their friends and family members. While cannabis users could buy cannabis from a dispensary, some people say there was a need for a more social environment for users.

Original Cannabis Café

They made history by becoming the first cannabis café in the United States. The café opened in West Hollywood. They awarded the Original Cannabis Café the first license out of over 300 applicants to open the first café. By opening the Original Cannabis Café, the restaurant owners completed a four-year groundbreaking launch of this innovative restaurant. This restaurant gives patrons the opportunity to enjoy cannabis in a guilt-free environment while socializing with their friends and other guests.

Attending the cannabis cafe

Patrons of the Cannabis Café can place reservations up to 30 days prior to the date they want to experience the restaurant. The café is open for reservations each day at 10 am. If someone is interested in hosting a private event, they can make a reservation online or contact the café by phone or email.

They designed this cannabis cafe to provide a relaxed environment for people to enjoy the setting and gain awareness of cannabis. People can walk into the café from Monday to Thursday each week and place the last cannabis order by 9:50 pm inside by that time.

Everyone entering the establishment must be at least 21 years old with a license or passport. This cannabis café does not accept any expired forms of identification. All international customers must have a valid passport if they don’t live in the United States.


The restaurant sells food that caters to the appetites of consumers based on how they consume their cannabis. Some people have a desire to have dessert items when they consume cannabis. Other individuals may want to have a variety of food items.

The Original Cannabis Café is the first of its kind in providing customers with food and cannabis that is farm-raised. While they do not provide food that contains cannabis, patrons can enjoy different cannabis products based on their experience and tolerance levels. A new cannabis consumer can enjoy a less potent product than an experienced guest.

Chef Andrea Drummer

A cannabis-infused food expert is a chef at the Cannabis Café. Chef Andrea Drummer is a leading authority in the cannabis industry. At the café, she has created a menu consisting of healthy food choices. Drummer used her skills to create a menu that consists of juice, coffee, farm-raised food. This cannabis cafe designed its menu to enhance the cannabis that patrons enjoy.

The Original Cannabis Cafe is a combination of a dispensary and a restaurant. Guests aren’t required to consume cannabis or food. There are areas in the cafe designated for people consuming cannabis. Other areas of the cafe are areas designated for people who are eating food while they enjoy cannabis. The café wants to create an environment where people are receptive to an environment where cannabis is consumed based on the personal comfort level of guests.