Being a doctor is one of the most difficult professions that there is, a non-stop career which sees mean and women around the world taking on some of the most difficult tasks. What makes being a doctor even more difficult is the emotional side of the job, dealing with harrowing experiences and life threatening injuries on almost a daily basis. So what do these mean and women do to switch off? To find out we spoke to Waukesha’s finest Dr Victoria J Mondloch to see just how a doctor is able to relax after a long day of work.

Speaking Personally

First off Doctor Victoria J Mondloch described how she likes to switch off after a tough day, even harder for her given the pressure of her job, a member of the board, a contributor to the medical journal and a specialist in family medicine, gynecology and obstetrics. She tells me that meditation has always helped her to stay focussed and switch off, she uses this both in the chapel at work, and when she gets home from the job. Being a great doctor like she is, she always needs to be at the top of her game so switching off is vital. Another activity which she tells me that helps is exercise, and that after a gym session she is usually unwound and ready to rest before starting again.

Other Doctors

Victoria Mondloch has worked with a huge number of doctors and she recounts some of the ways that they have told her that they switch off.

Reading – Victoria tells me that many doctors will get stuck into a good fiction novel to help them unwind at the end of a tough day.

Family – Many doctors will also seek out family time to help them to relax after they have had a long day in the hospital. This isn’t always easy however given the hours that many doctors work.

Spas – Dr Mondloch also talked to me about how both male and female doctors will look to spend a couple of days in a spa when they have the opportunity, in order to refresh and revitalize themselves, before entering back into the hospital.

The Job – The most surprising revelation for me was when Dr Mondloch told me that many doctors don’t see a need for switching off and that they actually find the job itself very therapeutic. When discussing this she tells me that surgeons in particular will unwind by practicing for surgeries and practicing techniques which will help them be cooler and calmer under the pressure of the job.

It seems that each doctor is different in terms of how they like to switch off and one thing that became apparent during our chat was that it depends on a mixture of what kind of personality the doctor is, and what kind of speciality they have, which dictates how they enjoy relaxing and unwinding after a tough day in the hospital.