Source: Unsplash | Skyler King

When you see movies depicting characters crying in the bedroom, you cringe because you get reminded of yourself. You also do the same thing, and you can’t help it. You even put your back against the shower enclosure as you feel the water slowly dripping onto your body. It sounds melodramatic and exaggerated, but there’s nothing to feel ashamed about. Besides, you’re probably not the only person doing it. You will realize that everyone else who goes through a lot in life can’t help it and cries when their alone while bathing.

It’s your time to be alone

You usually face lots of people at work or even at home. You don’t want to show to your colleagues that you’re weak and you have personal problems to deal with. You can only imagine the gossip that will spread around because of it. At home, you also don’t want to cry because your kids might worry about you. The shower room is the only place where no one can see you cry. You’re free to express your emotions and not worry about the consequences. The moment you head out, you start to feel better. You give yourself the chance to let go of that feeling locked inside you.

You need time to cry

Sometimes, you feel burdened by too many things and you can’t bear it. Keeping every emotion inside you could be overwhelming. Therefore, you need time to cry. You want to forget all the things that bother you. After crying for a while, you start to feel better. It’s better to do it than pretend that you’re okay. Some people end up hurting others or themselves because there’s no way for them to express their emotions. Don’t wait until it’s too late before you do something about your negative feelings.

Learn to cry in front of others too

Although it’s a good thing that you can be honest with your feelings and cry, it’s not always good to do it alone. You have to learn to express your emotions in front of others. You can start with a close friend. You need to have someone listen to you and understand what you’re going through. Besides, you also need to hear other people’s perspectives. You might find it easier to deal with your problems when you listen to what others have to say.

Determine how to let go of problems

You can’t keep your feelings inside you forever. At some point, you need to let go and release them. People who suffer from mental health issues face those problems because of their failure to express their true feelings.

Apart from sharing your feelings, you also need to learn how to release stress. People have many ways to do so. You can find something you like or are passionate about and give it a try. It takes a while to let go of pain and other negative emotions, but you will get there.