When it comes to decorating spaces it can be easy to incorporate your own style into things like your living room or bedroom. These spaces are nice and personal, and so your taste can be as varied as you like. Whether that means a mismatched concoction of colours, patterns and styles of bedding, upholstery or curtains, it’s all white or you’re more of a sombre person with greys and muted shades, your space is yours. But what about the office space you occupy everyday? How can you tastefully decorate it with your style, while keeping it within corporate standards? Here are some great tips so you don’t run afoul of management in terms of your decorating sense.

Keep It Tasteful

One of the most important aspects of office decor is to keep it tasteful. No one wants to see pinup calendars or band posters in a professional environment. Many people get ideas for tasteful office decor from Pintrest, Etsy or by following cool hashtags like #MyChairStyle. Having a cool office chair is one of the best ways to make a great office space and through companies like www.furniture-work.co.uk you can pick out the best chair that works for you and your own personal style!

Sometimes Less Is More

When it comes to family photos, you’d be surprised to know that not everyone is keen on having your cubicle walls slathered in photos of family moments. When in doubt, keep it on the down low, perhaps a photo or two on your desk in nice frames or some pictures the kids have drawn for you and keep it at that. A general rule of thumb is to keep the personal effects to a minimum, but things like plants or greenery can really bring a space to life and inject some colour, so consider having a plant or two. Bamboo is a great choice as it’s beautiful and low maintenance!

Consider Your Audience

It’s important to consider your audience in terms of who will be coming into your space at work and decorate to impress so to speak. If you’re customer facing you will want your area to be as professional as possible with a personal touch, but if you’re working in an automotive garage office you can probably ease up on the rules about those pin up model calendars a bit.

So there you have a couple great ideas on how to decorate that office space to bring a bit of your individual personality into the fray without offending anyone or making a fuss. So how will you decorate your space?