Lowell Farms is known for our commitment to cannabis. From farm to connoisseur, cultivated and prepared, they offer products which meet the standards of chefs and mixologists as well as their valued customers. Their purpose is to elevate the cannabis experience for a more sophisticated high, enjoying the richness of this versatile plant. Lowell concentrate products include disposable vape pens, and PAX Era Pods with cold-pressed rosin sauce. Lowell Farms provides the quality, you pick the form you’d like.

Cultivation is Key: from Flowers to Rosin without Compromise

Lowell use farm-fresh, organic cannabis flower for concentrate, staying conscious of its path from growing and harvest through pressing and packaging. Lowell keeps close relationships with cultivators, ensuring that they stay true to values and expectations. Lowell’s goal is to preserve the inherent qualities of cannabis, allowing customers to rely on their products for consistent and enjoyable experiences.

Lowell Has Developed a Process which Produces the Best Cannabis Concentrate

At Lowell Farms, they use labor-intensive, solvent-free pressing to produce their cannabis concentrates. This provides the most direct, unadulterated path from flower to package. Lowell wants to provide carefully produced, artisanal-quality products with full cannabinoids and a terpene profile that will have you returning for more so that you can more deeply experience their complexity.

The Breadth of Our Distribution Alliances Keeps You Involved with Lowell Offerings

As creators of the best cannabis concentrates Lowell wants customers to have easy access to products, both in retail form and through other experiences such as their café. Lowell partners with hundreds of stores and offer delivery of products as well. Their live rosin concentrates connect the consumer with the flower as closely as possible.

Nuance and Sophistication, the Result of Cultivation and a Pure Processing Methodology

Going beyond the THC numbers, Lowell expects their cannabis products to inspire reviewers to reach deeply into their vocabulary to describe them. Lowell’s goal is to keep as much of the plant’s true nature intact so that it expresses itself clearly. From a stimulating Sativa with music to an Indica and a good book, Lowell wants you to find a perfect high for each moment.

Lowell’s Groundbreaking Café is Ready for Your Enjoyment

They are excited about the West Hollywood café, which may be difficult to get into for a while as a diner since it has booked quickly from opening day on October 1, 2019 through the first month. We look forward to seeing you there, though, to enjoy the food in a relaxing dining experience, smoke, vape and enjoy edibles in our lounge, and step outside to the outdoor garden for more of the same. It’s a new version of the farm-to-table experience.

A Visionary Chef to Guide The Menu

Many of Lowell’s creations are the inspirations of Andrea Drummer, a Ritz-Carlton-seasoned chef who discovered she had a talent for involving cannabis in her flavor profiles. From Sativas in the main course to mixology which rebelliously infuses Indica strains in after-dinner drinks, she is finding new ways to organically include cannabis in the foodie lifestyle. She’ll be creating dining experiences for the café which, for the moment, complement and echo the artisanal nature of the cannabis which Lowell has available.

Consistency and High-Level Experiences (and who they’re for)

Combining the Lowell Farms attention to detail, authenticity of process and understanding of the nuances of cannabis yields the product: the best cannabis concentrate. Lowell is raising the level of cannabis quality for a more sophisticated high.