All types of wood can be made into furniture, but it will last or look good is another matter entirely. In the 18th century, carpenters generally manufactured furniture from walnut, birch, oak, mahogany, rosewood, pine, and fruitwoods. Today, these items are often antiques and sought after by beauty and quality furniture lovers.

As some of these woods became scarce due to over-use, they became more expensive to buy; manufacturers had to look around for cheaper woods to use. It’s still possible to get oak furniture at affordable prices these days. However, it is a hardwood and so can be pricey if you want to buy solid oak, but if it’s beauty and strength you’re after, then there is no other character quite like it in the wood department. It’s famous for its fine-textured grain and intense rings, giving it its splendour and rich colour.

Common practices with wood furniture companies are to use a combination of woods to create layers, this is known as a veneer, and the manufacturer might do this to cut down on costs. The good quality wood is used where it will be seen, as in a tabletop or bed headboard, leaving the cheaper, or mixed, wood for the drawer bottoms and backs of wardrobes and underneath benches. Once the item is finished and stained to match, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the types of wood unless you are an expert.

Oak furniture has been used for hundreds of years and remains a popular choice today with homeowners and those who enjoy looking at beautiful quality furniture. Standing the test of time, it’s fashionable and strong enough for interior and exterior use. It has many uses, including producing wonderful and functional pieces for the home and office. It even plays an important role in the production of fines wines, brandy, and whiskey as it’s used in making kegs and barrels for storage and preservation.

In the past, it was one of the most practical woods available for building ships, and proof of its strength and durability has been proved time and time again against the rough stormy seas. Even the bark is practical as it produces the tanning required to dye leather.

Owning an oak piece of furniture will save you money in the long run as you’ll never have to replace it. Assured to last a lifetime, it’s a hard-wearing material that can stand up to the purpose it was created for. Wooden floors are often made from oak as it beautifies with time and can stand the daily wear and tear of hundreds of people walking over it and leaving hardly any sign they have been there! Choosing this type of wood over any other is one decision you won’t regret.

Dovetail joints on drawers are a must on good quality wood furniture; look out for these fine details when buying as they tell you that the item is made with traditional techniques designed to last.

Modern furniture very rarely lasts for a long time as many are made by machine, so the care and attention to detail simply aren’t there and as said before, in many cases certain parts of the furniture items are made using a lower-priced wood.

To make superior dining tables chair sets, the whole body of the unit should be solid. The handles and any other parts should also be designed to the exact same standards to enhance the design and quality. If traditional methods have been followed, then you’ll have an extremely wonderful piece of furniture to be admired for years and to hand down to the younger members of the family, and it is sure to make any dwelling luxurious. Oak is so beautifully unique you can be guaranteed that no two pieces will ever be the same.