If you’ve been thinking about giving medical marijuana a try, you may be wondering what the main differences are between the common ways it’s taken internally. The three main ways you might see it offered include through eating (edibles), smoking and tinctures, which are highly concentrated extracts of the herb. But what are the main differences between each and how can they benefit specific types of problems? Here we make it simple so you will be able to know which ones are the best for you.


Smoking marijuana is, let’s face it, the most common and widespread way to use it. There are generally several different ways to smoke it including spliffs, blunts, bongs and pipes. The main difference in all of these is purely in the way you smoke it. A spliff is where the marijuana is mixed with tobacco – usually 50/50 although you can put more of one and less of another. A blunt is all cannabis and can be extremely strong. Pipes are where you get a glass or metal pipe and pack it with cannabis and take a few hits – depending on the size of the bowl. There are also ‘hooters’, a small porcelain or metal cigarette which literally has a tiny bowl at the tip in which you squish marijuana, enough for one toke. Bongs are popular as they send the smoke through the water which cools it down and makes it easier and more comfortable to inhale.


Edibles can come in all shapes, sizes and types with the most common being brownies, chocolate, gummy candies (gummies) and cookies. It’s not the end of the product list though, and technically speaking, edibles can be almost anything you put in your mouth. There’s even edibles cotton candy these days! Edibles are great as the effect of the cannabis is much longer lasting and you often have a deeper relaxation, depending on the amount you do. THC based edibles can be a bit too much for some people as it can make you ‘trip’ if you eat too much. CBD edibles though do not do this and are perfect for those who want the deeper chill with none of head or body high.


Vaping or vaporising marijuana is a popular way to smoke it and is different to bongs, spliffs and joints. Vaporisers will bring out all the good stuff from the marijuana without all the smoke, making it easier to inhale for many people. Vaporisers can come in many shapes and sizes and are a great option for those who have trouble smoking due to the sometimes harsh smoke on the lungs but don’t want to consume marijuana orally.


Tinctures are a great way for people to take marijuana without needing to eat something that can be slightly hard to dose, or smoke which can aggravate some people’s breathing. Tinctures are great and with CBD dropper types of tinctures, you can get exact doses right, the first time with no messing around and worrying about taking too much. Droppers take all the guesswork out of taking medicinal cannabis, so you can relax and enjoy the chill out without any problems at all.

So there you have a quick rundown on the various ways you can begin to enjoy the wonders and results of medicinal cannabis. With so many great reasons to try it and ways to take it that suit everyone, what’s stopping you?