When you’re outside enjoying the weather on a porch, patio, or deck, it might seem silly to use outdoor shades. After all, you’re outside to enjoy the outdoors!

Well, it turns out there are actually some really great benefits associated with installing outdoor shades. Here are just a few.

Shades Reduce Exposure to UV Light

You probably remember to slather on the sunscreen when you head to the beach. You probably even remember to put some on when you and the kids head to the park. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about sunscreen when they’re hanging out at home, but that’s where they spend the most time!

It isn’t uncommon for people to end up sunburned just hanging out on the deck, and just one sunburn can contribute to the development of skin cancer later in life.

Hanging shades is a great way to reduce or eliminate your exposure to UV light. That way, you can enjoy the deck without worrying about your health.

It doesn’t mean you have to completely block out the sun either! There are plenty of shade options that allow you to maintain your view, while eliminating UV rays at the same time.

Shades Can Keep an Outdoor Area Cooler

There are a lot of things you can do to keep an outdoor area cooler. A few ideas include:

  • Covering the area with an umbrella or an awning
  • Installing a ceiling fan or plugging in a portable fan
  • Installing a misting system
  • Using solar lights that don’t produce heat

These are all great ideas, but the best idea of all is to install outdoor shades! When drawn, they can prevent direct sunlight from entering your space, keeping it nice and cool. By installing outdoor shades, you’ll find that you spend more time enjoying your outdoor space because it’s cooler, even during the hottest part of the day.

They Can Reduce Wind and Dust

Shades are great for keeping the sun at bay, but it turns out, they’re great for keeping the wind at bay too! On a particularly windy day, you can use your shades to reduce the breeze, allowing you to spend time outdoors without worrying about everything blowing over.

They’re great at reducing dust too! Draw the shades before heading to bed and you won’t wake up to a dusty, dirty space that needs to be cleaned before you can entertain.

They Can Reduce Energy Costs

Indoor window treatments can lower your energy bills, but it turns out that outdoor shades can lower your energy bills too! By drawing the shades, you can prevent the sun from reaching the exterior of your home. That means sunlight won’t filter through your windows, but it means your insulated siding doesn’t have to try and keep the heat out either.

It turns out that outdoor shades are for much more than elevating the look of an outdoor space. When you have them installed on your porch, patio, or deck, you’ll enjoy all these benefits, and more!