We are living at serious times when everyone is about “Me, Myself & I.” A society that is not mindful of others is destined to perish. There are blessings attached with giving and teaching the society from little ones the importance of being philanthropic can build a loving, happy, and healthy generation.

One renowned marketer Dan Kennedy once said, “The window you receive through is made bigger by the window you give through.” It’s a simple principle to follow like demonstrated here at Yadezra.net although many feel challenged to accept this school of thought. Let’s dive to see the benefit associated with giving.

Why it is Important to Teach about Giving

When you compare those who are philanthropic and those who are not there is a big difference. The givers appear to be more happy, satisfied, and healthier. According to psychology professor from the University of British Columbia (Canada), said that money does not lead to happiness as many assume. For many people, loving what you do which you will see in quotes on passion, may be the act of giving. The professor further said a study was done on a group of people who were given money to spend it as they wish. Among the group, those who chose to give during their spending were the happiest.

Teaching a society to give is in other words it means, no man is an island, and therefore they need to be there for others where it is more beneficial than self-satisfaction. Another scenario was that of people with high blood pressure. When they gave to others, the pressure dropped instantly, but it did not change spending money on themselves.

Start with Children

It is not easy to undo a habit in society that is deeply rooted. However, teaching the young ones the benefit of giving while they are at a tender age transforms the entire generation. A study was done of the countries that were most generous and the top 5 that emerged were Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Ireland. It was discovered that from the study, the ones who gave were the most were the happiest.

If the little ones were taught earlier to start sharing toys with their siblings, neighbor’s playmates, and though it may appear simple thing to teach, the impact it builds lasts for a lifetime. According to Marilyn Price Mitchell (Developmental psychologist) said that children who show a gesture of kindness to others experience increased popularity, wellbeing, and appreciation among peers. The teaching starts with the adults showing the way by holding activities where children become involved. It can be visiting the less fortunate ones in the society, children’s home, homeless people, and any other needy person in society. Parents can be engaged to start the process at home where they educate the young ones the importance of giving to others. Through those simple acts of giving, it teaches them to be responsible people and effective in the society.

Making it a Purpose

What motivates you to do what you do? For a family man or mother dedicated to any work to provide for the family, security, and joy of having to contribute your time for the business/company. The way you feel is no different from making it a purpose to better others’ lives through giving. One renowned figure known for being a philanthropist is Bill Gates. Through the foundation Bill & Melinda Gates, up to today, it is estimated to have contributed over $30 billion to charities. You can imagine the impact Bill Gates has imparted to others globally.

Therefore, having a society that is educated about the benefits of giving, in the end, it will be happy, healthy, and rich.


From society level to personal level, giving can bring a sense of joy and fulfillment through improving others livelihood. The real joy comes where you give with no expectation from the receiver. Finally, society should be taught that giving is for everyone whether rich or poor and so next time you feel demotivated, give to others and see the benefits.

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