When many people decide to visit Africa, they often choose the very same spots that have been visited by millions of others in the past. However, away from the magnificent pyramids of Egypt, South Africa’s Table Mountain, Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, Tanzania’s Mt Kilimanjaro and Kenya’s hugely expansively forests, there is so much more to Africa. Just to put this into perspective, this article is going to share with you Africa’s least visited destinations (countries) that house a lot of incredible spots.


For those who know a little bit about Africa, when it comes to Cameroon, they do know that it is one of Africa’s footballing powerhouses. One cannot forget the great Samuel Eto who dazzled the world with his footballing skills. Nowadays, Cameroon is also known as the country led by one of the oldest and longest-serving presidents in the world, that is, Paul Biya. However, when it comes to Cameroon, it’s important to know that it offers so much more than just good football players and the longest-serving leader, Cameroon actually does have its own fair share of museums, national parks, safari lodges, lakes and waterfalls.


Not many people know about the country Eritrea. This is because the country somehow doesn’t make international headlines that much. It seems Eritrea is living in a world of its own where no one really notices its presence. While this is the case, it’s important that from now on, you know that there is a country in East Africa that’s called Eritrea. When you visit this media-shy country, you can expect to tour archaeological sites that surround the country’s capital Asmara. For those who like scuba diving, Eritrea is also home to the Dahlak Archipelago where you will indulge yourself in your favourite pastime. Another beautiful thing about Eritrea is that it is a vastly diverse country in terms of ethnicities, beliefs and religions. As such, when you make your voyage to the country, you can expect to learn a lot about different cultures.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is another country in Africa that’s known mostly for two things, that is, football and politics. The power struggles that often unravel each time there is a power transition in the country are well documented. So too however are the exploits of the football exports from the country such as Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure and Wilfried Zaha among many others. Besides football and politics, Ivory Coast, however, does offer much to visitors. This is because the country perfectly preserves its wildlife such that when you visit, you get to see all the wildlife indigenous to the country and other imported species. For this, you can visit the Comoe National Park or head to any one of the country’s eight national parks. One thing to know about Ivory Coast is that it is a liberal country hence you can still enjoy your favourite casino games at  novicasino.com while on holiday.


Namibia was recently the talk of the world after the U.S. President Donald Trump failed numerous to pronounce the name of the country. However, while its name may be difficult to pronounce, travelling to the country is by no means difficult. When you decide to talk the easy trip, you can expect to trek in Namibia’s great ‘forest, the Namib desert.