Dieting is not something that many of us enjoy doing and whilst we know that losing weight may be necessary, few of us want to go through the long, drawn out process of making a real lifestyle change. It is precisely for these reasons that so many people will look at faddy crash diets which can see them lose a substantial amount of weight in a very short space of time. Losing weight at speed may sound like an attractive and relatively pain-free way of doing it, but crash diets are bad news and here are just  few reasons why you need to make sure that you avoid them.


Crash diets are always going to be temporary fixes and they are never sustainable long term diets. This means that the second that you go back to eat as before, the weight will pile back on, usually bringing an extra couple of pounds with it. Your body works using memory of muscles and habits, so once you go back to the norm with your diet, your body will follow suit.

Alerted Perception

Crash diets will usually center on cutting out a particular food source or macronutrient, which could end up leaving you with an unhealthy attitude towards certain types of foods. The best example here is carbs, these are now seen as the devil’s food and that we should absolutely avoid them, when in fact there are many carbs which should definitely be included in your daily diet.

Immune Issues

Your body’s immune system depends on a steady and healthy flow of nutrients and vitamins, which it sources from multiple food types. When you crash diet, you cut out important types of food which help to boost your immune system and the result it that can become weakened very quickly. Illnesses can happen quickly when you crash diet, which will end up making it far more difficult to lose weight, a counter-productive situation.

Right and Wrong Weight

When most fo us think about losing weight we are talking about our bellies, thighs, hips, perhaps our chest, but with crash dieting there is no way of telling where you will lose the weight from. For example cutting out carbs with a crash diet, will result in your body losing a great amount of water weight, this may bring your weight down on the scales but you could end up losing that weight from strange areas of the body, leaving you with an awkward shape.


Crash dieting is not fun, it is restrictive, boring and it can directly lead to a more miserable you. This is not just because of the discipline of the diet itself, but also because your body is lacking all of the goodness from food which it should be taking on. Though crash dieting you may find it more difficult to concentrate, to sleep and to deal with stress, a perfect storm for a miserable attitude.

Plan well and don’t diet, simply change to a more healthy and active lifestyle if you want to see results.