Millions of us are now playing slots, bingo and table games on our PCs and smartphones every day. And when you consider all the great benefits of playing online rather than at real, land-based casinos, that’s hardly surprising.

Check out these 5 reasons why today’s best online casinos are even better than the real thing:

1)   Convenience

When it comes to convenience, the online casino wins every time. It’s couldn’t be easier to set up an online casino account. Simply tap in a few details and you’ll have access to hundreds of slot, jackpot, bingo and table games quicker than you can say, “play time”. And there’s no need to organise transport or splash out on a new outfit for a night of casino entertainment. Day or night, you’re free to play wherever you choose – even if that’s from the comfort of your sofa in your PJs!

2)   Game Selection

New slot games are often released as actual machines in real casinos first, meaning when you step inside a bricks-and-mortar casino you’re more likely to find new titles that you can’t yet play on the web. However, real casinos are always going to be limited on space. Old slot machines often need to be scrapped to make room for these newer models coming in. Don’t be shocked, therefore, if your favourite games in a real casino are not there on your next visit.

The online casino has no such restrictions. Most sites provide over 500 casino games for you to choose from at any one time. And forget traipsing up and down the casino floor to try and locate the game you want to play. Just type what you want in the search bar and voila, you’ve found it!

3)   Bonuses and Rewards

The online gaming market is booming. Online casinos have to work extra hard to attract and retain your attention in what’s now a fast-growing and highly competitive industry. They know the best way to do this is by offering you generous bonuses to play with, like free money, casino chips and slot game spins. So you can trust that when you play online, you’ll cash in on plenty more bonuses and rewards than if purchase membership at a real casino.

For example, at the free spins casino Power Spins (, players receive up to 50 free spins as soon as they’ve signed up and deposited. Then, once they begin playing, they unlock even more free spin rewards with each new player level they reach thanks to the site’s generous loyalty scheme. This is in addition to the regular promotions and competition giveaways run across the site.

4)   Winning Potential

When you play any slot, it pays to know the RTP (Return to Player). This is a percentage that shows how much a player is likely to get back when they play. For example, if a player places £100 in £1 bets over a given period on a slot game with a 96% RTP, they can theoretically expect to get back £96.

Online slot games typically provide a 93% – 98% RTP, which is considerably higher RTP than their land-based counterparts (usually around 70% – 80%). And you know what this means: you’re likely to win more playing your favourite slots on the internet.

5)   Player Experience

Whilst players used to argue that there’s something more authentic about playing on a real slot machine, at a real casino table or in a real bingo hall, the innovative graphics, sound effects and special extras now built in to online casino games means the online player’s gaming experience has never felt so immersive.

What’s more, many online casinos now provide live gaming platforms. This means online players can play at genuine casino tables by getting the action streamed directly to their PC or mobile. So even if you really want to take on a real dealer, there’s no need to head to a real casino anymore!