Did you know that well-known artists like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Charles M. Schulz utilized their four-legged friends as muses for their artwork? Dog Portrait paintings have appeared since men figured out how to draw in caves to mark their bond and affection for these creatures. No wonder today’s pet dog owners would readily pay somebody to create a work of art featuring their beloved pets.

Each single dog owner is guilty of a couple of things, and taking way too pictures of their mutts is unquestionably one of them. We’re all simply attempting to never forget the journey with our furry best friends and keeping in mind that photographs are extraordinary, it’s definitely not as uncommon as having your dog be immortalized in portrait form.

Regardless of what your taste or style is, you’ll find an artist somewhere who can capture your dog’s spirit like it was intended to be showcased, in the entirety of their sublime and glorious self.

The Internet is a rich resource for providing you several platforms. Be that as it may, in case you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to get a quality dog portrait done, I would recommend an online platform BookMyPainting which provides 100% handmade paintings mended as a perfect gifting solution. They have the smoothest interface and dog painting experts so that you don’t bother while you request a magnum opus.

Here are the five reasons why you should get your dog’s portrait painted:

Remains with You Forever

We all wish that our pooch could remain everlastingly with us, yet their lives are not excessively long. Clearly, the very explanation you have your dog’s portrait painted is to commemorate and celebrate your pet. You’d like to be reminded of your dogs, particularly when they are no longer with you since they hold an exceptional spot in your life.

Most Loved Member of the Family

Let’s be honest, your fur baby is likely the one that cherishes you the most and is constantly glad to see you regardless of what day or time of the week it is. Am I right? Furthermore, your fur baby is probably your favorite member too. Adored and pampered by your mom like her favorite child, probably more than you. I mean, these are enough reasons to have a dog painting at home to show everybody what your little companion means to you. 

To Tell a Story

Portraits are created not just to memorialize its subject as well as to likewise recount to a story. On the off chance that you procure a good artist, you can expect to get a great story from his or her work on your dog’s image. A good artist can make their subjects larger than life. You can help the artist by taking specific themed photos of your dog to better illustrate your pup’s personality, like photos with you from the recent trek, or in his favorite dog crate. All of that enhances the theme of your pet painting on canvas. 

A Pet Portrait is an Amazing Gift

Regardless of whether the work of art is for you or for a friend or family member, it is an amazing option for gifting. A present that will last a lifetime and that will bring back fond memories of not only your furry friend but also of you who took the time to give something that they didn’t even know they wanted, with a realization that your furball will never leave your side and will consistently stay in your heart. 


Portraying a picture allows you to personalize a particular picture of your dog in any way you want. This is one of the reasons why people choose handmade portrait over clicked photographs. You can include a comic texture with your dog dressed in Super Mario’s outfit or you can instruct the artist to have the background abstract with your dog focused in the center with a magnificent poise.

Artisans work in different mediums such as oil pastels, charcoal, watercolors, or pencil colors. Keeping in mind what type of portrait you might want to get, you can opt for a medium and then you’re just one click away from getting the finished product at your door-step. These paintings will make sure that all your memories and love with your dog are contained within it and it will compliment your wall as well.