Creating a seating arrangement that is both visually attractive and fulfills functional requirements is an art form not easy to conquer. When it comes to Noguchi Sofa, you will notice the solid wood frame is a base for a highly unconventional, yet alluring fixture. There are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration like the variation in colors, textures and space functions. Do not feel overwhelmed, for we’ve undertaken the daunting task of coming up with indoor design ideas that’ll make setting up pretty easy for you:

1. An open floorplan:


Dating back to 1948, the Noguchi Sofa is a captivatingly harmonious article with quite an impressive size. Owing to its ginormous proportions, it can occupy an entire area on its own and stand out as a marvelous focal point. Majestically impressive and animated in nature, pairing it up with geometric patterns like those portrayed in the picture above, subtle colors like the whitewashed, fur carpet, variations in colorings, etc. all significantly brighten up a room.

2. Recline into a cocoon of cozy seating:


A minimalist dream come true, the Noguchi Sofa and additional ottoman are both posh and majestic pieces. They can occupy the position of a freestanding outlook. If your layout is bare and spacious enough, this is an amazing standalone piece that doesn’t require anything more than a neutral or matching floor arrangement to provide you with the perfect corner to sink into. This way, you can come, lie down and relax whenever you feel tired, without feeling overcrowded by a clutter of tables, chairs, lamps, etc.

3. Tantalize your senses with a patterned template:


The set-up featured in this image is an excellent example of how you can use the Noguchi Sofa as an accent piece. In fact, you can even experiment with pattern contrast by choosing an abstract rug. This provides a perfect pop of color in the otherwise neutral space. This layout idea is a great way to deviate from dull and monotonous, typical living rooms. Enjoy some shapely diversity whilst retaining a distinctly modern aura by flanking it with single-stemmed side tables and unobtrusive lamps. In addition, by selecting an arrangement like this, it permits the humble supporting articles to properly accentuate the iconic structure of the seating whilst establishing a warm and inviting aura. The central rug area placed across dark marble flooring adds depth without stealing attention away from the couch itself.

4. Use light to your advantage:


The most convenient and natural method to jazz up your life is to use pure light, beaming through expansive windows. You can benefit from the light glow to bring out the opulence, sophistication, and depth of the Noguchi Sofa. As you can see in the blueprint above, novel modern design philosophies dictate incorporating a lot of natural lighting. It casts a ray over the impressive group of couches. This sample display a spacious room that would feel void without the strategic placement of these articles around tables.

5. An eclectic masterwork:


You can incorporate the Noguchi Sofa to construct a genuinely dramatic room. The room may ooze with seemingly random objects that somehow work together symbiotically. This out-of-the-box approach can be achieved with the oversized, curvaceous, soft and inviting style of this couch. Supplement it with interestingly shaped pieces like the freeform glass table, cultural decoration lamps and wall handing. You can also include a distinctive wallpaper or portrait art and a splash of color with floral or plant arrangements. Fill up the space with books, vases, objects, and even an over-arching lamp to add a touch of liveliness.

It really does get quite overwhelming staying aware of all the different components of an indoor space. However, whenever you feel at a loss you can scan through the samples above. They will help you get an inkling of what kind of area you may want to create.