Do you drink enough water? Do you know how much is enough? Many people would likely answer no to these questions, which means that not enough people are taking on their fair share of water each day. The suggested amount of water that you drink is between 2 and 3 liters for women, and between 3 and 4 liters for men. The effects of not drinking enough water can be felt throughout the body, and it is important that if you aren’t currently drinking the right amount of water, you should start making it a habit.

When you do keep yourself topped up daily, here are 6 health benefits which you can enjoy.

Maintaining Body Fluids

Our bodies are made up of around about 60% water, this is because water is essential to the the processes of digestion, absorption and circulation, as well as playing a key role in transporting nutrients to the body, as well as managing its temperature. Ensuring that you have enough water therefore, will help your body to continue to perform all of these necessary functions.

Energizing Muscles

When you feel physically tired after a long day, it is because the balance of fluids in your muscles is not right, and the electrolytes in the muscle cells begin to shrivel. To combat this you should be boosting how much water you take on, which can breathe fresh life into these cells and ultimately re-energize the muscles.

Calorie Control

Water plays a key role in those who are on diets, helping your body to better control the calories. Another aspect of drinking a lot of water when you are dieting is that it is absorbed slowly into the body, giving you a feeling of fullness for far longer, helping you to avoid snacking.

Externals Benefits

Drinking sufficient water does not only positively affect the inside of your body, but also the outside. Skin, hair and nails will all look stronger and healthier once you have started to drink the correct levels of water. The reason behind this is that without sufficient water, the skin can easily become dehydrated, leaving it looking dry and wrinkled. Once you are properly hydrated, the kidneys will do their bit by pumping out additional fluids through skin and nails, which help them to look fresher and stronger.


It can be easy to forget just how important a job our kidneys do, and drinking water will most certainly help the organ to do its job even better. The kidney must process everything which we drink, and it cleanses the body of toxins and manages fluids. Not drinking enough water doesn’t help the kidney, and actually puts more pressure on it, which can cause problems later in life. You will be able to see the work of the kidneys when you urinate, if the color of your pee is yellow then this means that you have not had enough water, it should be shade of yellow but generally clear, that way you know that the kidney is properly hydrated.

Water is easy to drink and has a huge impact on your life, don’t forget about it.