Dubai is regarded as the gateway to the Middle East and is considered to be one of the most luxurious cities in the world. There are a variety of places you can visit and spend good time without spending much. Also there are some attractions which you can visit even for free.

Below are some amazing places you can visit for free.

1. The Dubai Fountain

If you want to witness the biggest dancing fountain in the world, you should visit the Dubai Fountain. The fountain will offer you a unique opportunity to experience a captivating fountain that dances to music and light. Submerged in the 30-acre Burj Lake, the fountain shoots the water up to a height of 140m. As the water shoots up and down, there is a range of classical and contemporary music that plays in sync.

2. Dubai public beaches

Dubai features some of the best beaches in the UAE where you can enjoy crystal-clear water for free. If you are a beach person, Dubai experiences sunshine almost every day of the year. Some of the popular beaches include the Dubai Marina, Umm Suweim, Jumeirah Open Beach, etc.  All these beaches provide unobstructed views of the sea and the city.

3. Mall hopping

There is a huge selection of malls in Dubai which offer great entertainment activities which you can experience for free. Most of these malls feature a wide variety of outlets from all over the world. Some of the most popular malls include the Battuta Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, Wadi Mall and the Dubai Mall. Even if you don’t have money, you can hop and enjoy the display.

4. Dubai Creek

If you want to get the history of the Emirates, you should visit the Dubai Creek. Also known as Khor Dubai, it is a saltwater creek that extends through to the Arabian Gulf. The creek is divided into two districts; the Deira and Bur Dubai. You can take advantage of the traditional boats known as abras to explore the creek.

While at it, you should check out for the Dubai creek beach projects and the Bluewaters Residences Dubai.

5. Visit the souks

While at the creek, you should visit a huge variety of souks. The souks are placed at separate dedicated areas for specific items. For instance, there is a textile souk, Gold souk, spice souk, etc.  It is a perfect place to capture photography.