Becoming a more sustainable company is good for the world, your profits, and your brand reputation – which is why it’s time to make it a priority.  

These days, you can’t turn on the news without hearing about climate change. Whether it’s a speech from Greta Thunberg or an appeal from an environmental charity, climate change is a very hot topic right now.

Of course, there is now greater demand on the general population – especially homeowners – to do their part for the environment, from driving their cars less to being more responsible with heating and water bills.

However, the greatest demand of all has been placed on companies. After all, they have larger carbon footprints than anyone!

So, if your company is feeling the heat and wants to go in an eco-friendly direction, here are 5 easy ways you can be more sustainable.

1. Focus on Recycling

Recycling has been around since the pre-historic ages, yet so many companies refuse to do it despite the producer responsibility obligations packaging waste regulations 2007, which is nuts. Sure, recycling often requires careful planning and execution (especially for larger companies), but the benefits that come with it are extremely valuable.

Of all the recycling equipment and tools available, a recycling baler should be your number one priority. A recycling baler will allow your company to convert your waste materials – like plastics – into neat and tidy packages. Typically, these packages come in the shape of cubes.

Recycling balers are suitable for lots of different environments, including:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses and storage units
  • Retail stores

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In addition to this, you should also sprinkle other recycling equipment, such as recycling bags, throughout your office and other premises.

2. Use Cloud Technology

The days of large stacks of paper and files are coming to an end – thankfully.

Yes, indeed. Companies are now going paperless. Instead of printing off endless files and documents, companies are using cloud technology to handle everything, instead. Cloud technology enables important documents to be accessed and shared over the internet, which drastically increases sustainability.

3. Invest in Recyclable (and Reusable) Packaging

Does your company sell a lot of products? Maybe you ship thousands of products a month to different customers? If so, you need to invest in recyclable and reusable packaging. This is key – especially if you sell products online.

Recyclable packaging means that customers won’t simply waste the packaging you’ve provided to them. In addition to this, reusable packaging means that if a customer needs to return a product to you in the mail, they can simply use the same packaging you sent to them, rather than having to buy their own packaging.

4. Switch to Electric Company Cars

Switching to electric company cars is a big challenge. In the short term, it’s costly. But in the long-term, it helps to future-proof your operations. Therefore, it’s worth some serious consideration, as long as it’s financially possible. Even car manufacturers, like Honda, are preparing to only sell electric cars in the future. Clearly, in ten years’ time, electric cars are going to be in even greater demand.

5. Create a Green Department

If you have a significantly large workforce, you should create a green department consisting of your best and most environmentally driven employees. The green department will be able to set company objectives, track progress, and run company-wide campaigns to improve sustainability.