Social media platforms have grown to be great marketing tools in the 21st century. However, like any other marketing strategy, there are many inaccurate myths associated with social media marketing that inhibits its adoption by many companies. Hence, it is important to disprove them and update ourselves in order to adapt with the constant changes in the social media landscape.

This article focuses on four social media marketing myths that should be done away with, in 2020. Doing so can help you create effect marketing strategies which can boost your product sales and brand image.

1. Very few people use social media

If you are an old-school marketer, you might be of the opinion that you need not incorporate social media marketing as very few people use these platforms. On the contrary, as per a report by Hubspot, 2019 saw more than 2.39 billion people across the globe being active on different social media platforms.

Creating your brand’s accounts on these platforms will therefore help you target more of your intended audience. Social media marketing can be relevant for your brand irrespective of the product or service you market.

2. You should target all social media channels

It is not necessary to target all social media channels simply because they exist. Managing an account on a platform that doesn’t fit with your brand image can actually hurt your brand and take away costly time and resources which could be employed more productively.

Ideally, you should research different social networks and go with the networks that align the most with your audience and marketing tactics. For example, if you are a graphics design company, having an account on picture-based social platforms like Pinterest or Instagram can allow you to showcase your previous work and designs.

2. Increase in number of posts increases engagement with potential customers

While it is true that posting content on social media regularly leads to better traffic and customer engagement and retention, there are other factors involved as well. The quality and relevancy of your posts matter as much as the frequency of posting, sometimes even more so.

For instance, if you are a fashion garments outlet, adding a topically relevant post about the local news might create some spikes in your website traffic. However, if you are regularly referencing the local news in all of your posts, it will eventually lead your followers who were hoping to see fashion-related content, to lose interest in your channel.

4. Hashtags are essential for every social media post

Hashtags have become omnipresent across major social media channels as they are great for increasing your post’s relevance to topical threads. However, going overboard with hashtags or inserting them in every post can have a detrimental effect. Over usage of hashtags can make your post look sponsored leading your followers to be suspicious of them.

Conforming to old myths and misconceptions regarding social media marketing without checking their authenticity can hurt your marketing campaigns and deliver less-than-desirable results. A prime way of clearing your concepts in social media marketing is to pursue a course in the subject. Opt for social media course today to become a successful social media marketer.