We rely on our air conditioner systems to make our lives comfortable, but eventually, they fail, and it’s time to install a new system. This is harder than you might think; many homeowners choose the wrong sized system or opt for a model that will not suit their needs. This is why many smart homeowners involve their chosen HVAC installation experts at an earlier stage to take advantage of their extensive experience. If you’re considering a split system installation in Perth, consider these four key factors before you make a final commitment.

1. Affordability

Many people simply opt for the cheapest AC system that they can afford to save money. This is often a mistake, cheaper systems are less energy efficient, and they will cost more to run in the medium to long term. Another key issue is the installation costs; some people try to save money by installing their new split system air conditioner themselves. Developing DIY skills is laudable; it’s a great way to work on your home, but air conditioning is a very specialised field, and it’s easy to make costly mistakes. Hiring a professional HVAC technician will ensure that the installation goes well, and the energy efficiency will be improved.

2. Choose Quality

It should come as no surprise that the better quality air conditioning systems cost more to purchase. It’s easy to get caught up in the prices, but it’s a better idea to focus on the specifications instead. A high quality system is less likely to break down, the warranty is typically better, and when the system is well maintained, it should last longer than a cheaper model. Better HVAC equipment is more energy efficient, and this will be reflected in lower energy bills that will save you money on your monthly heating and cooling.

3. Size Matters

The new HVAC system must be sized to suit the location where it will be installed. Many homeowners install a larger system because they can afford it, and this is a critical mistake. A system that is too large will cool or heat the space quickly, this confuses the thermostat, and the system will turn on and off quickly to try and compensate. This is known as short cycling in the HVAC industry, and it can damage the equipment. A system that’s too small cannot treat the air in the home adequately, leading to poor performance and cold spots in the home. An HVAC professional will carry out a load calculation to make sure that the system is carefully matched to the size of the home.

4. Ductwork

If you have an existing ductwork system, it’s important to make sure that it has no gaps or cracks where treated air can escape. Any air that escapes will make the system less efficient and waste your money. If the ductwork is in poor condition, it can be repaired, or in many cases, it’s actually cheaper to replace it entirely.

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