Fashion tips for skinny guys

Let’s face it. Men aren’t built exactly equal. We can gorge on protein shakes, spend hours at the gym, and try to pack on the pounds, but some of us hold onto a sinewy frame that doesn’t make us exactly feel uber masculine.

Luckily, what we wear can. Continue Reading

Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe

With tomatoes at their peak, it would be nothing short of a pity to spend the day making freezable pasta sauce for you to enjoy throughout the winter months.

Go by your local market–they’ll sell you some tomatoes in bulk. Grab a bottle of red wine (a glass, too, for a little for yourself) and spend about an hour making an easy, flavorful sauce that requires little effort and enough to store in the freezer. Continue Reading

Four quick greener laundry tips

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Top healthy grilling tips

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Tourist tips for NYC travel

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Six tips for car Spring cleaning

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Tips for choosing artwork

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Rethink your Spring diet

Spring gets us starting to this about the three Rs: Renewal. Rejuvenation.


Four fast health tips

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How to wear a tuxedo

You're getting dressed up and your faced with the dilemma: suit? Shirt