Hot Cross Buns: a must-have on Good Friday

Delicious, bakery fresh hot cross buns are here, making their headway as Easter and Good Friday come to fruition this weekend.

A sweet, spicy flavour that is hard to resist, it’s no wonder why their availability becomes increasingly abundant each year. Continue Reading

Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe

With tomatoes at their peak, it would be nothing short of a pity to spend the day making freezable pasta sauce for you to enjoy throughout the winter months.

Go by your local market–they’ll sell you some tomatoes in bulk. Grab a bottle of red wine (a glass, too, for a little for yourself) and spend about an hour making an easy, flavorful sauce that requires little effort and enough to store in the freezer. Continue Reading

How to make the best ice cream sandwiches

Nothing beats the summer heat like an ice cream sandwich. Something about a mound of ice cream, nestled between two soft, chewy cookies just says, “yep, nothing beats the summer heat like an ice cream sandwich.” It also says, “Mmm. Delicious.” Continue Reading


Mediterranean Fusili Salad with Grilled Asparagus

The dressing featured on this salad is light, but if you harbour love for creamy side dishes, then add a little more tahini and water Continue Reading


Top healthy grilling tips

With the temperatures mounting and the first long weekend of the season under our belt, there's no doubt that BBQs will be lighting up across Continue Reading


Mother’s Day Make-Ahead Glazed Lemon Poundcake

Mother's Day is around the bend, and what better way to honour your mom than with a delicious dessert? Nothing quite says "I love you" Continue Reading


Chickpea Tagine with Minted Quinoa

The warmer weather and longer days often lend itself to enjoying lighter dishes, too. With the recent celebration of Earth Day's 40th Anniversary, a vegan Continue Reading


Rethink your Spring diet

Spring gets us starting to this about the three Rs: Renewal. Rejuvenation.


Rocco twitters his next cookbook

Famous Food Network chef Rocco DiSpirito is harnessing social media for his


Summer Squash Stuffed with Cherries, Rice and Pecans

Get out to the Farmers' Markets and gather towards the garden, reaping