August 10th 2009

Yoga moves for a better butt

Trying to get a slick little hiney like your yogi and yogini friends? Practice these two postures regularly for a few weeks to be well on the road to posterior perfection.

Chair pose (utkatasana)

Start in mountain pose with arms at sides, sternum lifted. Bend knees deeply, and squeeze your inner thighs together. Straighten your arms, lifting them over your head and stretching your fingertips upwards – your upper spine should have a slight backband. Tuck in your pelvis and try to hold for 10 breaths.

(ardha chandrasana)
Start in a downward-facing dog pose, then step your right leg forward into a lunge.  Standing on that leg, your fingertips of both hands will be on the ground or a block, then  raise your left leg behind you, parallel with the floor.

Carefully turn your torso to the sky by opening your left hip, and when stable, raise your left arm, reaching straight up so your arms form one straight line. Flex your foot and don’t lock your knee. Repeat on other side.


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