May 11th 2010

Tourist tips for NYC travel

Planning on heading to New York City this summer? You’re not alone. In fact, over 45.3 million folks visited the culture-rich city in 2009 alone.

Needless to say, there is a load to see and do. But how do you navigate through everything to, well, see and do?

The folks at ABC news recently put together a great list for NYC newbies. Here are our favourites from their Ten Tips for New York Tourists.

Wander, wander everywhere

With the city so people friendly, none of it is off limits. Most of Manhattan is laid out on a grid system, making it very easy to navigate.

Learn the subway system

Don’t be intimidated by using the tube. The trains run 24 hours, making it easy to get from A to B and beyond. Use for destination help, and definitely opt for the 7-day unlimited ride MetroCard.

Try something new

New York City is a mecca of new cuisines, so definitely think outside what you already have in your own local area. Try some authentic (and cheap) dishes while enjoying the diversity that NYC has to offer.

Go culture rich

Don’t shy from Broadway because of ticket prices.  Instead, try free discount ticket listings at and, or visit a TKTS Discount Booth on the performance day.  If your show’s sold out, check out or

And for music, make sure you see all the different genres NYC has to offer, such as indie rock listings at, classical music  at and jazz at

Read the full article Ten Tips for New York Tourists from ABC.

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