July 7th 2009

Slickwater Pre-Shave Solution

John Allan’s line of hair and skin products pave the way for most men’s grooming essentials in the industry. Their newest addition is their Slickwater Pre-Shave Solution ($28). Designed to smooth down the surface of your skin before you bring across the blade, it’s special formulation reduces cuts, nicks and irritation to your skin.

The mixture is designed to keep the pores clog-free, and to lift the hair follicles for the closest possible shave.

The unique combination of ingredients includes tea tree oil and oat extra, to relieve dry or irritated skin  and to reduce redness. Cucumber and fruit extracts add a fresh, clean scent.

Not familiar with John Allan’s products? His products cover your manly beautifying routine. Exfoliating creams, lip and face moisturizers and sun protection are specifically designed for the male face in mind. Aftershaves and shaving creams maintain the smoothest shave possibly with additional ingredients such as oat extract to maintain that extra step above generic brands.

Their hair products include shampoos and conditioners, each formulated for normal, athlete, or thick hair, and a plethora of styling creams, whether you like your locks smooth and sleek or styled and spiked.

Check out their whole line at the John Allan website.

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