August 9th 2009

Picking out the perfect pillow

Nothing says a good night’s sleep like laying your head down after a hectic day on your favourite pillow. Whether its a long day at the office, chasing around your children, or studying for exams, a good snooze might be all we have to look forward to.So why ruin it with a terrible pillow? Mattresses and pillows are never cut and dry – each person has a different preference.

Always choose a pillow based on how you sleep:

On your…
– you’ll need a soft pillow with little elevation.
…back – get a medium pillow with moderate elevation.
…side – opt for a firmer pillow with higher elevation; filling space between ear and shoulder, so head and neck are aligned.
…everywhere – since you’re constantly moving, check out pillows made of down, as they have a lot of give to maneuver with your body, but still a lot of support, too.

After you choose, be sure to replace your pillows every two years. Not only can it contain dust mites, it can also harbour a lot of debris and dirt.

They’ve reached their prime if they feel lumpy, have lost their luster, or won’t re-fluff, no matter how hard you try. And if you can fold it in half and it stays there? It’s time to toss ‘er.

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