January 29th 2012

New ideas for winter getaways

Looking for some great winter travel destinations? Now is the time to get great deals on last minute stays, flights, and getaways in some excellent locations around the world.

Though we generally want to make a getaway down south for an all inclusive trip, check out these top locations around the world that are up-and-coming destinations for all kinds of travelers.

Here are our favorites:

Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey is an up-and-coming destination for travelers of all ages and interests. Though most folks travel to the capital. Istanbul, for its appeal of diverse markets, restaurants, and clubs, more people are heading southeast to a new location, Cappadocia, for something a little different. Though it is cold at this time of year, its loaded with rock formations, gorgeous caves, and intricate underground cities. The ancient city is hope to wine country, and filled with amazing history and architecture.

We recommend staying at one of the many locations that take in the landscape and combines it with romance and luxury. The Museum Hotel is a top favorite; a restored cave dwelling with exposed rock carving, and delicious cuisine. Its restaurant combines both modern dishes with traditional classic Turkish ones, with the perfect balance of new and old that comes from the building as well.

While you’re there, visit the underground cities, including wineries, or take a balloon ride of the landscape. Consider visiting a Turkish bath, too; their answer to spa luxury, but completely without anything you might be familiar with. The marketplaces are just as appealing as Istanbul’s, with handmade rugs, intricate pottery, scarves, and foodstuffs.

Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is located on the Coast Mountain range of British Columbia, attracting those who love to ski and snowboard. The is home to a laid back atmosphere, making it easy to relax between hitting the slopes. Most of the places to stay include ski lodges, but you can also stay at The Adara, a boutique, chic, minimalist hotel.

Advanced skiiers will love the heli-skiing tours, while those who are beginners can take lessons from many of the pros. For folks who don’t like to ski, but love adventure, consider dog-sledding, or, as a great work out, snowseing. There are plenty of spas to unwind, and lots of places to enjoy fine or casual food, and go shopping.

If its your first time skiing and snowboarding, and fall in love, wait til you get here to buy the right gear. There are tons of skiwear and snow wear outlets.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is full of culture and fun, and since it is warm this time of year, it’s great for those who want a Vegas-type (read: loads of fun) location in a new country with warm weather. It is known for its incredible cuisine, lots of wine, and dancing, perfect for those who want to spend the night out on the town.

If you’re looking for luxury, consider staying at the Faena Hotel and Universe, a red-and-white themed hotel known for continuing the party long after you walk back through the door.

Before you head out to enjoy the nightlife, fill your days with gallery visiting and sightseeing. Then, you’ll be out until the late morning hours in the uber amount of nightclubs, lounges, and restaurants. You can enjoy club dancing, or more traditional (and sensual) tango, or visit the various speakeaseies about town.

When you do have time away from the nightlife, visit the trendy neighbourhoods loaded with small boutiques, custom designers, and the Sam Telmo market for scoring some antiques.

Arusha, Tanzania

The beautiful East African landscapes will attract you to Arusha, which is located on the southern slopes of the volcanic Mount Meru. It is home to plenty wildlife, including elephants, zebras, and over 400 species of birds. Tourists love to indulge in local coffees and visit and explore the national park.

The Arusha National Park is home to blue monkeys, leopards, warthogs, hyenas, giraffes, and the dik-dik, small antelopes just over a foot tall. Many coffee tours are also available in the area.

Staying along Mount Meru is a popular choice, as one of the largest mountains in Africa. The Arusha Coffee Lodge offers a lodge-like stay, with 30 plantation houses and 12 luxury suites. It’s namesake means it is home to a coffee plantation; the view is gorgeous, and the aroma is amazing.

In addition to exploring the area, Arusha also has a large central market, selling hand-made tinga-tinga paintings and jewelry (often made of Tanzanian gemstones), ebony wood carvings, crafted textiles, and spices and coffee.

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is definitely an indulgence in itself, and visiting Kauai will keep you away from the plenty of tourists that visit popular destinations such as Honolulu and Maui, instead. Kauai is the oldest of the principal Hawaiian Islands, featuring spreads of valley plains, coastlines along the mountains of Nā Pali Coast State Park, and beaches that are hidden away.

Keep it lowkey by staying at the Kauai Country Inn, a gorgeous inn that’s hope to a private Beatles museum, and situated on acres of farmland. It’s just about four miles from the shore, making it easy access to the coastline, as well.

Visitors often explore the “Garden Isle” with a helicopter ride or, during January to early May, can check out the whale-watching opportunities.

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