August 9th 2009

Four ways to a better smile

Brush, floss, swish. Maybe don’t consume a load of sugar, coffee, sodas, and acid-wearing foods. We know the basics, but here are some great, uncommon tips on how to keep your pearly whites at their best.Consume more C

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for our skin, and its just as important for our gums. According to the

Academy of General Dentistry, a study of 12,000 folks saw that those who consumed 60mg or less of Vitamin C per day (less than a glass of OJ) were 25% more likely to have gum disease. Those who had 180g+ were protected. The easy answer? Enjoy a full orange daily with breakfast. Choosing the fruit over the juice gives you more fibre, vitamin C and nutrients.

Don’t always brush

Sounds weird, but brushing right after you drink a soda, eat fruit, or consume anything else acidic can assist in enamel erosion. Acid in the drinks and foods, combined with brushing your teeth, can aid in the eroding effect. Instead, sip some water to neutralize by activating your saliva, then brush your teeth.

Keep in mind chlorine

It’s true – dental researchers are finding that chlorinated pool water can stain and erode tooth enamel. If you’re frequently taking the plunge, be sure to brush your teeth and use a fluoride-based rinse after spending more than an hour in the pool.

An apple a day

Not just for the doctor, foods like apples, carrots and celery act like pseudo-toothbrushes, helping do away with stains over time. They’ve a cleansing effect on your teeth, brightening especially when a toothbrush isn’t near. Their mildly acidic nature with their fibre-filled body help out, but be sure to neutralize the acid and sugar with a glass of water afterwards.

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