July 23rd 2009

Men: 5 ways to fix ingrown hairs

Pesky ingrown hairs are not only uncomfortable, but don’t always look the best, either. These tips are a great way to keep silky, smooth skin with each close shave.

Start by softening
Get prepped by wrapping a warm, damp towel around the face and neck pre-shave. As your hair absorbs the warm water, the follicles will open, and the stubble is easier to cut.

Step away from the sensitive areas
If you’ve already irritated your skin from previous shaving/issues with skin care/ravenous romp with your girlfriend, then be sure to not shave over that spot more than once. Repeated blade running will make it sore – and increase the length of healing time.

Make it last ’til Monday
Come Friday night, let your face flourish until Monday morning. Giving your skin a break will allow for other irritation to smooth out instead of further aggravating the problem.

Quit the collars
Turtlenecks and ties can trap sweat, oil, and dirt around your neckline, all of which clog pores and cause irritation. Go for looser collars, mock-necks, and crew cut tops when you can.

Go green
Plugging in an electric razor just plugs up your pores, and due to their multi-slicing action, cause hairs to be confused. Go green and use your man power to manually get a top-notch shave.

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