March 15th 2011

Diet “rules” to ignore

When embarking on a diet there is one thing to keep in mind: this is a lifestyle change. That being said, it has to be sustainable. Sure, you might lose a ton of weight at the beginning just snacking on steak and celery.

But how long will it really last?

The diet you decide on should just be all around healthy eating. And regardless of the tips you hear, the best diet for you is, well, the best diet for you.

Here are some diet “rules” we often here… And why you can ignore them if they’re not your speed.

Eating six times a day

For some people, this just doesn’t make sense. Your schedule might not give you the time or flexibility to prepare healthy snacks and eat them at designated times. This, in turn, just makes things a whole lot harder.

Grazing throughout the day isn’t for everyone, but having snacks on hand is a good idea if you’re finding your hungry (and the only option is a vending machine chocolate bar).

To keep hunger at bay, eat fibre-rich foods at all your meals. They make you feel fuller and take longer to digest. Add a bit of healthy fat and you’re all set.

Avoiding the “whites”

You’ve heard it plenty of times. Don’t eat white pasta, white bread, potatoes, et cetera. Sigh.

But we love these foods.

Luckily, there is a time and place for everything. Whole grains are surely the top contender, but mixing some white pasta into your whole grains, or serving it up once a week isn’t going to break anything.

And potatoes? For goodness sake– the potassium-rich, fibreful spuds are good for you. Really.

Don’t nosh after 6pm

It’s 7pm and you just get home from work. But you can’t eat dinner now can you? After all, won’t it make you pack on the pounds?

Actually, no. A calorie is a calorie. It’s less about what you eat, and more about how much you eat.

Perhaps you’re prone to stuffing yourself late at night because you haven’t eaten since lunchtime. The answer? A healthy snack around 4pm can help avoid your ravenous appetite. Oh… And opt for the healthy dinner as opposed to the bag of chips, okay?

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