September 21st 2010

Decorating Your Little Girl’s Room Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Creating a palace for your little princess is worth it just for the look in her eyes – but if you are working to a budget, then you may struggle to do everything that you would like to do for her. Furniture can be expensive, and you can also end up spending a huge amount of money on decor. Here are some great ideas for decorating inexpensively, and still giving her a fairytale experience.

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Image source Let’s start with the walls. Drab white walls just won’t do – they don’t have to be pink of course, but they do need to be lively and challenge a child’s imagination. It’s relatively inexpensive to brush on a coat of bright paint, but that’s just the start. Think about creating some real interest by putting decals on the walls. You can get standard ones, but why not think about getting some custom wall decals? For instance, you could get a decal made of her favorite cartoon characters, and put it on the wall opposite her bed where she can see it. Or, if she enjoys gymnastics, why not put a decal of her jumping around in her leotard? The only limit is your imagination. Let’s think about her bed. Buying a fancy new bedspread can be quite expensive, especially if it has her favorite characters on it. Instead, why not take her existing comforter and sew pretty, frilly lace around the edges? This will completely transform the way her bed looks, and at the same time will be something familiar and comfortable for her. You could even embellish this with a few inexpensive throw pillows at the head of the bed – just try to get a color match with the bedspread and sew on the same lace around the edges. Next, you may want to think about getting her a new dressing table and perhaps a closet where she can hang her clothes. You could buy these new, which would cost hundreds of dollars – if not more. On the other hand, you could buy a secondhand bedroom suite for her for much less, and then strip it and paint it white. You could even buy pretty flower decals and apply them to the furniture to give it that special touch. If you have an artistic bent, you could paint designs on it yourself, which would be sure to make it special. Now, when it comes to carpeting her room, that can be a more expensive proposition, and you certainly aren’t going to buy used carpet or cheap carpet tiles. So, it’s best to buy something that will last, even if your child’s tastes change. Choose a neutral color such as tan, and then put down colorful rugs on it to create highlights. This way, while you may have to change a few rugs down the road, the carpet will stay. Another thing that can make your little girl feel at home is to put stuffed toys in her room. Again, these don’t have to be expensive – although you should always make sure that they are safe. For instance, you should be able to get a little Pooh Bear stuffed toy for less than $10, and if you add his friends such as Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger, you’ll still be out less than $50. A good place to look for these is on Amazon, and you might also to pay a visit to Walmart. There is nothing that makes a girl more comfortable and happy than seeing photographs of herself with her family and friends. Simply gather up some of her favorite photos, or even get new copies printed – again this will only cost a few dollars. Then, buy some plain, inexpensive picture frames to put them in, and decorate them. For example, you could stick on costume jewels and beads on them, or even coat them in a light layer of glue, and then sprinkle glitter over them, You should be able to find lots of different things you can use at your local craft store, so let your imagination run wild.


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Finally, keep in mind that children grow up very quickly, and that you need to be prepared to change things when they are ready. There will come a time when your little girl is embarrassed to have things in her room that are too young for her. Don’t get upset when this happens – just think about how you can change things without breaking the bank. You should also hang on to those stuffed toys– she may not want them now, but you can bet they will give both of you fond memories when your little girl is all grown up.

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