January 27th 2010

Keep your kids entertained on the WWW

With safety in mind, the Internet can be a great resource and learning ground for kids of all ages. Here are our top eight websites that are devoted to kids, expanding their minds and keeping them occupied with entertainment and education.

National Geographic Kids

Based on the classic – and uber informative – magazine, this educational website features games, videos, stories, activities and more! Your kids will explore for hours, and get creative by personalizing their own webpage and taking care of their own virtual pet.

Sports Illustrated Kids

Rainy day and can’t kick around the soccer ball? Let your kids loose on SI Kids, where they can do everything from view the Kid Reporter videos to create their own magazine cover!

Disney Playhouse

Who doesn’t love Mickey, Pooh, Handy Manny and the gang? Visit Disney’s classic site for games and activities, music, stories, and more!


This interactive site includes many games, including a daily reading challenge and a ton of other activities to keep the mind rolling.

Owl Kids

Based on the popular magazines, this site devotes itself to an online version of Chirp, Chicakdee and Owl, filled with activities, games, puzzles, and reading fun!

Sesame Street

Sunny days keep those clouds away! We remember our first days with this classic TV program and now its interactive on the web. Filled with a load of  educational games and videos, kids can easily search and engage with their favourite characters. They can also customize it with their own My Street page.

Seussville University

From Hop on Pop to Green Eggs and Ham,  the most memorable Seuss characters and books are included in helping your child with their basic reading, math, science, and reasoning skills.

The World Almanac for Kids

Kids can log in and read through sixteen chapters that cover everything they can imagine, from Harry Potter to the environment to notorious criminals.  The online version of the New York Times best seller includes  games, quizzes and printable puzzles.

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