December 23rd 2010

12+ tips for a budget wedding

Getting married doesn’t have to be expensive, lavish, and require months (or years!) of planning. It can be exactly what you dream of and forever memorable, without breaking the bank.

Here are our top tips for saving money on your big day.

For the flowers

Go for greenery: it’s a fresh clean look, and greenery costs a heck of a lot less than flowers do. Mix and match some of each, for colour as well as fresh style.

Keep it simple: look for just one or two kinds of flowers and buy from those. Keeping your tally to just a few types will lessen the cost, too.

Check out what is in season: flowers that are in season and, better yet, locally grown and purchased will save you money for blooms that are shipped in.

Invitation investment

Postage save: choose single-page invitations to lessen the postage.

Seek out discounts. Many online stores have affordable wedding invitations.

Use the internet: Instead of mailing them in the post, email your save-the-dates.

Photography and music

Ask for the assistant: Most photographers have cheaper associates who will do your wedding for less costs.

Two for One: Hire a band or DJ who will do the reception as well as the ceremony.

At the reception

Keep the guest list small: This will lessen the prices for catering, invitations, and centrepieces. If you must keep it large, then…

Have the ceremony and reception in the same place: vendors and rentals that cost you by the hour will be in one spot, cutting out costs from travel time.

Go for a Friday or Sunday: Saturday weddings cost more. Consider a Sunday afternoon, instead.

Tack on more at the table: bigger tables = more peoeple at each table = less centrepieces.

Feasting on food

Skip the main course: serve trays of appetizers, snacks, and drinks instead for a more casual nosh.

Lessen the load: have beer, wine and a signature cocktail or two, instead of a full bar.

The Cake

Cut the costs: Have a small, fancy two-tiered cake with a few sheet cakes in the back. The sheet cakes will be much cheaper, taste just as good (if not better), but won’t be fancy. Add a few of your own accents from the flowers or centrepieces you choose.

Keep it simple: Opt for vanilla, chocolate, and more run-of-the-mill flavours instead of guava, mango, and papaya.

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