December 14th 2009

Three must-have Wii picks for gifts

Looking for the greatest gift for your video game lover on your list?

Look no further.

“Wii” (get it?) have compiled some of our favourites from the last year that make the perfect present for those Nintendo fanatics.

Wii Fit Plus


This bundle includes the game software as well as the Balance Board. Each user can have an individualized program, with strength and yoga activities flowing through one solid routine. Many games and options allow for countless combinations, making your workouts that much more fun!

Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel


Attach your Wii Remote inside the Wii Wheel for a classic real-car feel! Players can race as their favourite characters from their favourite Nintendo games, or race as themselves using Mii. Challenge three friends or 11 others using Wi-Fi.



Manga and anime fans will love Okami, a game rooted in Japanese folklore. You can create and destroy at will, play as god to set the rules, and fight various demons and monsters.

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