December 15th 2009

Our top video games for everyone

With the holidays around the bend, we have the inevitable gift shopping to do. But really, who has time between work, family, and other preparations. Don’t worry – we’ll make it easy for you.

Adopting online shopping is the easiest way to do it. Click, cart, pay, ship, done. What’s even better is the best deals are often found online – and video games are easy to come by. Here are our top picks for everyone on your list – regardless if they’re a kid or kid at heart.

For the kids

Remember the classic Mario Brothers games? They probably don’t. So get them the New Super Mario Bros for Wii. Just like the classic, but with updates for up to four players, competitive mode, co-op mode and more. We think they’ll love you even more if you score them a New Super Mario Bros Gift Set.

For the ‘tweens

You can’t go wrong with EA’s NHL 10, this year’s version of the classic game. With up to seven players, everyone can get involved as you intensely fight for the win. The new Battle for the Cup mode lets you play hard, mean, and fast, complete with storylines to carry you through.   You can even become a GM, win league cups, and work with others online.

For the teens

This year’s The Beatles: Rock Band has already developed a huge following from all ages. If you don’t have the set, be sure to pick up the bundle and you’ll be on your way to jamming to your favourite hits. You can also unlock new songs and test out your vocal skills with the first game to enable harmonies.

For the adults

For the price of one session with a personal trainer, you can rid yourself of those holiday-induced pounds with EA Sports Active. Move your body in fitness activies, including 20 minute circuits that combine stength, cardio and flexibility. Workouts can be tailordesigned for you, right in the comfort of your own home.

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