June 18th 2010

Top Father’s Day Apps

Haven’t yet picked up that last minute gift for Father’s Day? It is this weekend, you know… But we also know that dads can be near-impossible to shop for.

The answer? If he has an iPhone, chances are he loves it.

So what’s better than to, well, make it even better? Here are our top dad-inspired iPhone apps… And the best part? Some are even free.

iHandy Level (Free)

Got a handyman on your hands? This free app uses the iPhone’s Accelerometer and Proximity sensor to assist dad in his around-the-house projects. From leveling pictures to laying floor tile, it is the perfect addition to his toolbelt. You can also upgrade to the iHandy Carpenter (at $1.99) which includes five handyman tools. Other features include a protractor, level, ruler and more!

GolfCard ($7.99)

Some dads golf… A lot. And once he uses a GolfCard, he’ll never go back to that old fashioned pencil and notecard method. This app can keep track of scores, compare games to previous rounds, and keep your game in check throughout the season. It also includes a GPS range finder, which can find local greens and track ball distance. Once back at his computer, he can upload the results and email his scores to his friends/opponents,  or share them on the golf social networking site, Oobgolf.com.

ESPN tends to be a top TV “show” in most dads’ homes. But losing him to the buzz of the television is in the past. Instead, he’ll have the latest scores, results and stats alll in the palm of his hand. Includes football, soccer, baseball, basketball, NCAA football and basketball, Nascar, golf, tennis and more coming soon!

Grill Guide ($0.99)

Whether your dad is already the master of the grill or might need to brush up on his bbq’ing knowledge, this app lets him check out the details in peace – without having to ask anyone. Includes ninety-five foods on file, everything from lamb to pumpkin to steak, giving you the details on how to grill each one. Use the digital ruler to measure the cut of meat, and then look up how long it should be grilled and what temperature to use.

Sports Radio ($0.99)

This app allows dad to tune in to over 6,400 sports radio stations around the world, listening to all of his favourites without even leaving the room. It also includes  Facebook and Twitter integration, so he can update his friends. With station pre-sets, stations from across the globe, and an easy-to-use interface, you just might never hear a peep from dad again.

iFitness ($1.99)

Perfect for dads who are delving into a healthier lifestyle, this app is like a built-in personal trainer. It includes over 110 fully-illustrated exercises with step-by-step text, options to build your own routines, goal-based preset routines, and muscle-based organization.

Hundred PushUps ($1.99)

Does dad already have a good fitness base? Consider challenging him to checking out his upper body strength with a six-week training program. Eventually building to a hundred pushups, your dad’ll reap the benefits of following the program, charting his progress, and increasing his strength. There are also others available, such as the Two Hundred Situps, Two Hundred Squats and Twenty Chinup applications.

TravelTracker with TripIt ($7.99)

Businessmen dads will appreciate the convenience of the TravelTracker. With a touch of a button it’ll download you trip details, such as flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, as well as meetings, activities, notes and reservations. It even works offline, if you’re in an area that lacks sufficient coverage. Use it to also customize packing lists, record travel expenses, and email your itinerary to colleagues.

NYTimes App (Free)

No dad’ll want to miss their favourite newsbites, and the NYTimes App is a great one to get it from. Includes an easy-to-use, sophisticated interface, access to daily latest articles, a customizable toolbar, and simple syncing.

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