July 23rd 2009

Spy wear to feed your inner Bond

Regardless if you have a hot female sidekick on your arm, you’ll be just as cool with the new mini MINOX Digital SpyCam (DSC). It has a sneaky and sleek minimalist design and just a little larger than your finger, and weighs about 2 ounces.

Packed into the DSC are five million pixels, easily akin to standard digital camera on the market, and can record both video clips and still photos.

Additional specs include it’s super bright viewfinder, optimal focus range and nanosecond shutter speed, allowing you to take shots in any situation and any condition.

In addition to the 128MB internal memory, the image data can be saved on a micro SD memory card up to 16GB.

But if that’s not enough, add to your spy gear with their MINOX Spy Sunglasses 180, with mirror-coated lenses that reflect everything behind you, allowing you to have makeshift eyes in the back of your head. But don’t worry, they’ll protect your peepers with their UV protection.

Spy tips from MINOX:

1. Always take along your DSC wherever you go.
This tiny DSC does not need much space.

2. Take your pictures with the DSC at any time of day and night.
Every moment is a unique moment. Try to capture it with your DSC.

3. Try the quick pull-and-shoot.
It is not necessary to look through the view finder of your DSC when you want to take a picture. The motto is “try it out” and with a little luck you will get fascinating snapshots.

4. The closer, the better.
There are things you just need to approach very close. A laugh, fascinating eyes, pretty hair…

5. Don’t think when taking a picture.
Just capture everything that comes in front of your DSC. Of use or of no use? Pretty or ugly? This is the decision of the DSC-Community only!

6. Hurry up. Before it is too late!
Don’t care about adjustment, light, view etc. Simply press the release.

7. Don’t leave it to chance.
You don’t always need to know in advance what’s on the photograph. Keep your chin up!

8. And if you later forget,
What you have shot the other day, it is really not that much of a problem at all!

9. Become a MINOX agent!
Load your pictures onto the DSC website and present them to the community.

10. Don’t keep to the rules!
Forget all the rules and take pictures as YOU like.

Check it out at license-to-shoot.com

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