July 23rd 2009

Pocket Yoga keeps you slick and sexy

Need something a little bigger than your iPhone or Blackberry to keep you connected while on-the-go? The concept of the Pocket Yoga seems to be the one that will fill that need.

A folding notebook with a detachable keyboard, the Pocket Yoga resembles a large wallet that can easily fit snugly in (surprise!) your pocket.

Covered in leather, its looks as good as your current money case, but holds a lot more than a few twenties and forms of ID.

Sipping it over your morning coffee and paper at Starbucks, you’ll look cool clicking away at its full-function keyboard (as opposed to thumbing your Blackberry) when opened like a laptop, or jotting down a few to-dos with the special accompany pen when opened in full (tablet mode, they call it).

When closed, it’s wrapped with a belt, which becomes a wireless mouse when activated. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

We wanted to know where to get this crafty piece of work when a few photos were recently leaked on the web. Unfortunately, a pipe dream; the folks at Lenovo have bid adiue to the experiment, but they tell us “innovation never stops”… And maybe, just maybe, the Pocket Yoga will become our reality.

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