Amazon launches the new Kindle

The newest Kindle is set to hit the virtual shelves, with some updates that makes it stand tall above its predecessors.

The long awaited launch of the third Kindle has been worth it. A year and a half after Kindle 2 was developed, Amazon has announced that the third installment is better than ever.

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iPhone 4… Better than ever

With the recent launch of the new Apple iPhone, it’s no surprise that stores have been sold out across the board. With over 100 new features, the new iPhone is definitely the gadget to grab, a huge jump above it’s predecessor.

With stainless-steel casing, an all-glass front, and a size that is 25% thinner than the 3Gs, it also looks pretty sharp, too.

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Top Father’s Day Apps

Haven’t yet picked up that last minute gift for Father’s Day? It is this weekend, you know… But we also know that dads can be near-impossible to shop for.

The answer? If he has an iPhone, chances are he loves it.

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