August 9th 2009

Loop Pointer In-Air Mouse

Sometimes you buy gadgets because you need them; sometimes because your friends have boasted how wonderful they are; sometimes because, well, they just look cool. But when all three aspects are combined, it’s even better.The new Loop Pointer In-Air Mouse is designed for your television when attached to your PC or Mac. The In-air Pointing – Patented FreespaceĀ® technology delivers a precise and controlled motion, fully intuitive with a quick response.

It’s wireless construction lets you control your cursor from anywhere at any angle – even behind cabinent doors.

Not just for the home, its a great tool for presenters, and its simple set up (just a USB) with no software makes it a breeze. You can access the internet, watch videos and movies, control your applications, view your own videos and more.

And, did we mention, it looks cool, too? Because it does.

Check it out at

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