February 7th 2011

Six kitchen gadgets that you need

I love tinkering around in my kitchen, and I definitely know there are those go-to gadgets that I reach for time and time again. Sometimes they are simple (I do have a favourite, basic serrated knife), and sometimes a little more complex (couldn’t do without my Microplane).

And sometimes, they’re just cool. (I love my salt pig!)

Here are our top six kitchen gadgets that are must haves for everyone, whether you’re a quick, couple-day-a-week cook, or a daily gourmand.

The Microplane

This kitchen tool was adapted from the basic woodworking rasp (which works really well, too). With it’s super sharp grates, it is the key way to work with fresh ginger, whole nutmeg, and garlic, along with hard cheeses and chocolate. It also makes the best citrus zest, a must have for bakers and cooks alike. (Check them out here)

The Tomato Knife

This small, serrated kitchen knife is designed to easily slice through tomatoes. The serrated edge helps  the knife penetrate the tomatoes’ skin quickly. It also uses minimum pressure without crushing the flesh. I use it for a lot more than just tomatoes. It’s a great utility knife. (Buy some here)

The Silicone Spoon

Say goodbye to spoons and spatulas. This is all you need. It does the job for stirring, sautéing, scooping, scraping, spooning, and… well… pretty much everything else. RSVP makes colourful versions with a sturdy metal core, strong enough for thick batters and mixes. They are also dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 425F. (See here)

Kitchen Shears

Have a pair of shears in a kitchen drawer that is used solely for the cooking. They work perfectly for  snipping twine to cutting open packages to trimming vegetables and meats, a sharp pair of shears are indispensable. We love the KitchenAid ones… This two-pack includes all–purpose kitchen shears and serrated utility shears, both with strong, durable stainless steel blades and comfortable–grip handles. (from Target).

A Kitchen Timer (or two)

I’d be surprised if you’ve never needed to time two things in your kitchen at once. Perhaps you’re letting bread rise while braising a stew? Or cooking rice on the stovetop and a turkey in the oven? Having a kitchen timer is essential for when the one on the range isn’t enough. For some awesome options, check out this post from Design*Sponge.

The Salt Pig

Okay, this isn’t essential at all, but I sure do love mine. Salt pigs keep your salt fresh and always in reach. We love the Le Creuset version, a 10-ounce old-world-style salt crock made of high-fired stoneware. It has a non-porous enamel finish, and resists odors, staining, chipping, and cracking. It also comes in many of their signature bright colours, including white, colbalt and cherry red. (Explore more).

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