August 9th 2009

Joybee GP1 tries to deliver big results

Big picture without the big bucks? That’s just what you get from BenQ’s Joybee GP1 mini projector, a pint-sized projector that weighs about 1 1/2 pounds.At only $500, the projector utilizes a  a 20,000-hour LED lamp for illumination and a USB port, so you can put all your media on a USB drive and leave your laptop at home.

You can connect nearly anything – a camcorder, DVD player, TV, video game console or an iPod to the Joybee (the latter with an extra cost). Videos can also be enjoyed, but files must be converted into the AVI format. The software is included.
The Joybee delivers a good picture in dark rooms, but any light wreaks havoc on picture quality. The other con pertains to the picture size: without an optical zoon, you have to move the actual unit to change the picture size.

The colouring is well-done, and the black levels are more than sufficiant, with an easy to use remote and menus. The picture, however, is optimal in dark areas, so if you’re using this in home-basement theatres it is a cost-efficient choice, but Power Point driven business meetings may have to be performed in a darkened hotel room.

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