September 25th 2009

Your best friend for the bar… In an app

Going out for a drink? Don’t forget to bring along the Men’s Health magazine’s Jimmy the Bartender app, to help serve you the very best. This GPS-enabled guide delivers everything you need for the best possible night out – for half the price of a pint.

You can easily find a great drink destination where ever you might be. Whether you’re stationed away on a business trip, traveling to a nearby town, or exploring on vacation, you can look up reviews for a bar near you with a built-in GPS.

Explore the Ultimate Wingman feature, a helpful hand to approaching women; Jimmy delivers you the best moves.

As your mind gets fuzzier from a few drinks, check out hundreds of Jimmy’s answers to questions on women, work, friends, family, money, and everything else you can think of.

Having a party or a few friends? Let Jimmy be a personal bartender, sharing dozens of cocktail recipes and beer recommendations. You can also submit your own and rate ones added from others.

Want to have fun without packing on the pounds? Explore the magazine’s famous Eat This! Not That! with simple switches for calorie cutting on your favourite pub foods.

Check out the details at Men’s Health’s website or go and buy it for $2.99 in the app store.

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