September 22nd 2012

iPhone 5: should you or shouldn’t you?

The new iPhone 5 has finally launched, and if you’re an Apple fan or iPhone fan, you’ve probably been waiting for the release. Perhaps you were standing in line or ready to pay and counting down the days… or maybe you’re debating whether the upgrade to the new iPhone is worth the difference to the one you have now.

If you’re still deciding whether to take the plunge to the new iPhone, here are some things to keep in mind on whether or not the upgrade is good for you.

Why Yes, You Should Upgrade

You know how you panic when you drop your iPhone because its glass can shatter? Well, not any more. Because most of the new iPhone 5 is made from aluminum, and the glass is much stronger, you can be a little crazier with it… without worry.

The build of the iPhone 5 makes it twenty percent lighter than the previous iPhone 4, and though it is a bit taller, it’s bigger screen allows for better viewing of, well, everything.

It’s a heckofalot faster. In everything that it does.

Loading data that comes from the Internet will be super fast – just like a wi-fi, if your data plan has LTE. Most data plans have this included and everything you need will be super fast, no matter where you are.

It’s pretty. It’s new. And it has a lot of great new features.

Nope, Don’t Do It

If you’re looking to upgrade because you want the features available on the newest operating system, don’t go for it. Most of the best features are included with the device you have now; all you have to do is click on the iOS update to get iOS 6.

Though the iPhone 5 is lighter, it is also a different size. Because this one is slightly taller, none of the past cases will fit and, well, it is simply just a bit bigger – something you might not like, or, want to invest in new gear for.

The camera on the rear of the new iPhone is pretty much the same as the one on the 4S. So don’t do it for the camera if you have the 4S already.

If you are using apps that haven’t yet been modified for the larger screen, you might want to hold off if they are important in your daily arsenal. Though many app developers, we’re sure, will jump on it, it has been noted that some apps aren’t looking too good right now… and it might affect what you use and how you use it.

One perk we love about all of our devices – iPods, iPhones, iPads – is the convenience of mixing and matching the connectors for charging. The new port on the iPhone 5 is different, and none of your old accessories, docks, or connectors will work (unless, of course, you buy the adapter… or save a little money here).

And finally, well, you’ll save some money. At least a few hundred bucks.

Let’s be real. You’re going to get it, aren’t you?

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