August 5th 2009

Great photography tips

Gone are the days when we wait in anticipation for the photos to be developed at the local store. With the results, too, being mediocre at best – tops of heads cut off, blurry movements, and glaring red eyes, staring back at us.With the technology of the digital camera, we no longer have to worry about potential rolls of 24 photos making a dozen at best.

Some folks, however, cannot quite master the “art” of a digital camera. Blurry, shaky, high-exposure photos still reign as they get used to something different than their manual versions of the past.

I recently came across a great site from Hewlett-Packard, featuring tips and ideas with hands-on, slide show instruction for those who want to master the art of the digital camera.

As easy as clicking a button, you can guarantee perfect results and long lasting memories, frozen in time. By keeping the sunlight in mind, positioning the camera correctly, and utilizing the flash when necessary, you, too, can make any digital camera look like the pros.

Check it out here at

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